Entertainment and Media

Entertainment and Media

We develop top-notch software products for media and entertainment companies wanting software for internal usage or for their audiences. Our solutions are highly secure, scalable and integrable with other solutions.

What to expect?
Content management systems

A content management system will help you manage the distribution of your content, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and much more through one unified platform with every feature you need for managing your video or music content.

TV or radio channel software

Your TV or radio channel needs to keep up with the digital world and retain its audience through a mobile app that is accessible everywhere. The solutions we build for TV and radio channels help them offer live streaming with the highest quality and with features that will make people love using the app.

Video streaming software

If you want your own video streaming solution that can support millions of users and offer an outstanding range of features. Stream live video, your own or licensed content with no lag and bring your users to your own platform with mediators.

The streaming solutions we build or powered with secure cloud storage ensure there are newer limitations in the amount of content, its quality and the number of your users.

Music streaming apps

We develop apps for streaming music, podcasts, audiobooks or any other audible content with the highest quality and scalability limitations. The music streaming solutions we build are secure and they offer stunning interfaces.