Educational Technology (EdTech)

Educational Technology (EdTech)

Our EdTech focused solutions can help existing educational and training related businesses or new aspiring e-learning startups build great solutions that enable them to boost their outreach to new markets and individuals; through their own feature-rich platforms.

What to expect?
Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

The Learning Management Systems we develop are focused on delivering great student experience, while giving you the easy tools you require to publish content easily, assess students continuously and communicate with them with no limitations.

We also put the marketing tools you will need into consideration, to enable you to market your courses effectively with student promos, referral systems, integration with other marketing platforms and more.

Academic learning software

Academic institutions are already investing in enabling remote learning and enhancing student experience, and we can help you keep up with the ongoing digital revolution. This opens the door for your new opportunities for your entity and for students; while elevating the learning experience to a whole new level.

Business training software

We develop business training software tailored to the needs of your business, to be able to handle training and development of your employees in one place, or manage clients with more freedom and better experiences.