Custom Software Development

UI/UX Design

We create User Interface and User Experience designs that focus on delivering a great experience when interacting with your software, website or platform. And as we pursue this high usability, we put your brand identity in our minds, to develop solutions that really belong to your brand in every way, and aren't just generic ones.

Our UI/UX designers put their hearts and expertise into designs that need to bring delightfulness and efficiency together, through an experience that fulfills the needs of the user and also tells them how great your brand is, without a single word.

Our approaches to this are based on best-practices driven by analytics and design science; and backed up by unique visual art.

WordPress/Drupal development

As the most widely used content management system in the world, WordPress proves itself as a reliable solution for many use cases and for various businesses. Our WordPress development services address the needs of businesses needing cost-effective websites that are easy to self-manage, scale and use pre-developed tools with.

We build wordpress websites to look stunning, while giving you the ability to make edits to the design freely with drag and drop tools. We also integrate high security standards into our WordPress websites to make them safe to use and keep your data secure.

With the WordPress websites we develop, you can also easily scale in the future with additional pages, feature-rich plugins and more, all with no technical knowledge and without having to invest in a whole new solution to scale.

Web App Development

We build custom web apps from scratch using various technologies and utilizing the best software development practices in the world. Whether it is a web portal for your business, a SaaS platform or anything else, we can build its secure, powerful core and its usable, intuitive interface.

We don't just deliver a bunch of features and pre-developed solutions. Our web apps are built based on the analysis of your requirements and through a solid outline based on your needs, and the priorities we can set. As we continue the development process strategically, we can ensure on-time delivery with no compromise for the quality.

By utilizing the microservices architecture, a web app can be developed to be in the form of standalone divided services, with each being independently deployable, highly maintainable and testable alone. This helps in creating a faster, more scalable and secure application. This architecture also ensures each microservice is owned by a small team dedicated to its superiority and polishness.

Mobile App Development

We build Android and iOS apps whether they are for internal business usage or focused on consumers, starting from ideation, to design, development and testing; and followed by ongoing support.

The apps we build can help you both streamlining your business workflows for any department and cut down costs drastically if you are developing one for internal use. And they can help you retain customers, build loyalty and sell more to them if you are building a customer-centric solution.

Beside delivering top-notch features and stunning interfaces, we utilize automated testing to make the development as cost-effective as it can be, build them with cross platform in mind to maximize productivity and much more.

Backend Development

Our secure and reliable backend development service ensures you have a solution for software development in any language and technology, while having the experts to support you starting at choosing the right technology.

Backend development is focused on the functional core of your solutions, including how they handle data and how fast they perform. To ensure the excellence of performance and data security, we utilize the best practices and software architectures available.