Business Process outsourcing

Business Process outsourcing

We offer on-demand staff augmentation services with full flexibility to expand your technical team, as well as a dedicated team service to have a development team dedicated to your projects.

Staff Augmentation

Our IT staff augmentation service helps you add the technical talents you need to your existing one, with no scalability limits and with on-demand flexibility. This can be a perfect solution even for the hard-to-fill and temporary positions.

Through this solution you can reach your goals with no delays and with the highest cost-effectiveness, as your business bypasses many processes that are left to us.

As your team scales, we continue to support you to ensure the outsourced team is delivering work timely and with the expected quality.

Dedicated Team

The dedicated development team model is one of the great partnership models for effective software development. It brings benefits from both in-house software development and outsourcing models.

Our dedicated development teams service helps you get a team of carefully selected professionals to work on your projects, fully remotely and without the costs and hassle of in-house software development. You also enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated team working on your project.

This service can provide a great solution for projects with no strictly defined requirements that can change during development. The pricing of the service is standardized and transparent to help you compare using this model to other solutions.